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Journal of Migration Affairs is an interdisciplinary journal aiming to promote original research on migration. The journal publishes high-quality scholarly contributions that explore the complexities of migration, both historical as well as contemporary, by investigating the relationship between migration and various other social dynamics such as labour processes, ethnicity, memory, autonomy, climate change, gender, citizenship, access to services, vulnerability, urbanisation, state policies, violence, and, importantly, migrants’ struggles. It also intends to explore representations of the migrants’ figure in literature and various art forms. The journal puts particular emphasis on labour migration. It publishes papers on both, internal migration well as cross-border migration.

The journal promotes theoretical as well as empirical investigations into different dimensions of migration and methodological innovations. It welcomes papers that provoke critical thinking and interrogate conventional and received wisdom.

Current Issue: Vol. VI (1&2), September 2023 and March 2024


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Vol. V
Issue: 1&2
Journal of Migration Affairs
Sept 2022 & March 2023