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    Bindhulakshmi Pattadath | Roshni Chattopadhyay | Meena Gopal | Lorena Arocha

    Bindhulakshmi Pattadath (bindhulakshmi@tiss.edu), Roshni Chattopadhyay (roshnichattopadhyay @gmail.com) and Meena Gopal(meena.gopal@tiss.edu) are with the Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and Lorena Arocha (lorena.arocha@hull.uk) is with Wilberforce Institute, University of Hull, UK. A draft of this paper was presented at the XVth National Conference of the Indian Association of Women’s Studies, National Law University, New Delhi 27–31 January 2020.

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  • Women, Migration and Labour Exploitation: Challenging Frameworks

    Migration narratives often resist incorporating a gendered lens, thereby erasing or failing to account for the ‘herstories’ of women, and for persons from marginal backgrounds who move in search of freedom, survival and autonomy. This is not dissimilar to how women’s work, especially when exploitative, has been conceptualised to date. Often formulated as social-reproductive work, this conceptual